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Starting Up with CORE

To make it easier let's imagine this CORE as a recipe, that has ingredients like..... I will tell the them later.
Before that let's make sure you get to know how our real CMD line works just like when a chef is getting ready by learning the basics, to make more complex dishes.

Some times on your PC you might have seen something like this pop-up from nowhere

This is what a CMD looks like

This is what a CMD(Command Prompt) is. Well this CMD is not developed in VB (of course). The guys at Microsoft have developed this thing in C++ or C or it could be anything which isn't important here.

This little message box (seems very scary though) but is a very peaceful person from within. With this CMD or the Command Prompt is most commonly used to execute batch files, perform advanced administrative functions, and troubleshoot and solve certain kinds of Windows issues. Or better check this page on Microsoft cause I'm not the creator

Now let's make this thing in VB. First let's get started with VB.


What is Visual Basic ?


Visual Basic is a simple programming language created by Microsoft.

So is it free?

Well if you wanna compromise yes it is free only the Express edition, where in you Use it for 30 days and then you have to register to get a *free* license or if you wanna get the Professional Edition or Ultimate then get it.

Before you download the source, first install VBExpress 2010 & DotNetFramework (Required to install VB2010((There is 2012 but the template hasn't been tested on it) :

I recommend installing the Free Edition (Express) for the moment, just because you should first use the Free Version and then go for the paid one if you like it.  You can download the Express edition from the Microsoft Site........ Here : Find VB 2010 express there and download it. 

First Install the DotNetFrameWork before install VB, Get it here :

Then Install it.

On Windows 7 & Vista Goto the start menu and type Visual Basic in the Search Bar

Click on Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2010

Click on that and there you go.....

For Windows XP you have to goto the All Programs menu and Select Microsoft Visual Studio > Visual Basic

For PC's that have older versions of Windows, i.e. older than WinXP I'm sorry because the Visual Studio 2010 requires something called the DotNetFrameWork which was implemented only for PC's having Microsoft WinXP and above.

After clicking on the VB icon you will get the following screen :

Open up screen in VB

Don't worry if it takes time to load, it's you first run in VB 2010, so it configures up the settings blah, blah...... 

So that's all for the First shot, get some water to drink cause you have set up Visual Basic, the prime object required for making your own command line.


Learning Visual Basic : Creating Simple Programs

I never said I'm gonna transform you into a great programmer but I just said, I will give you the ability to create simple programs in VB.


Tutorial 1 : Hello World

This tutorial is gonna focus on something called "Hello World" , What your program is gonna do is Print Hello World on the screen. (Good, Right? For a head start?)

We are going to do this for two templates :

Console Styled : Like the CMD

Windows Forms Styles : Like Windows Screens

You'll know when I'll teach you all this,

First Open up Visual Studio, You know it, Right?

Then do the following :

Click on New Project and something like this should pop-up :

Click on Windows Forms Application

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