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CORE - An addon for you simple VB.NET

Ever wondered how could I create a command line or a Game or anything advanced in something as simple as Visual Basic. Well here's your
opportunity to create awesome apps that feature great optimal resource. Alldesplay Tech is proud to introduce a set of Templates to Visual Basic that has hundreds of commands to work with..

Core-CMD features 100+ Pre-Listed Commands

  • GDI+ 3D engine - An engine that renders a rotating cube to test your 3D performance
  • Mathematical Inputs - Compute sin(x) by using the command sin(x),x= (Value) and many other interesting commands
  • It also features and in-built HTML editor which is accessible by the command htmlmode
  • Features in built source editor type the URL and the program returns the HTML source of the webpage
  • Is Free and Opensource
  • Commands like checkinet can also check whether your internet connection is available

CORE XNA Template for VB.NET*

  • Features XNA Compatible code in your old simple VB.NET
  • Create Awesome Games with XNA Game Studio

GDI+ Template

  • A GDI Template that helps you Create GDI Graphics
  • 2D rendering and 3D rendering are possible all together

Core Class Library Executor

  • A template that teaches you how to make your DLL and execute it through a Forms Application

*Requires XNA Game Studio 4.0

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